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13 Killer Kettlebell Exercises Plus 60 Kettlebell Movements

Killer Kettlebell Exercises

Two amazing kettle bell workouts featured from our Bullet Proof Program.  Plus 13 Killer Kettle Bell Moves plus a list of over 60 kettle movements/exercises broken down by single and dual configuration.

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WOD 751 – Origins II

20 minutes to complete 12 rounds of

  • 10 hip elevated pronated kettle press into turkish getup into 5 Bent Press into 10 snatches into 9 alterating swings, one snatch and follow turkish getup back down to pronated press.  Client should not put down the kettle at any time

20 reps – switch arms every two reps with 30 second break between sets.

  • 2 American Kettle Bell Cleans
  • 2 Russian Kettle Bell Cleans
  • 1 Hand Anyhow with 3 curls

WOD 752 – Origins BB1

4 Rounds 8 minutes per round

  • 12 Snatch Deadlifts 135#
  • 6 Barbell Olympic Cleans 135#
  • 20 Plyometric Squats
  • 30 53# Kettle Bell Swings
  • 10 Handstand pushups or 3 Handstand walks
60 Kettlebell Exercises 1 Arm Double
1 Leg Deadlift
1 Leg Deadlift into Russian Step up
1 Leg Marx Row
Alternating Cleans
Alternating Side Clean
Alternating Suitcase
Alternating Swing
Alternating Windmill
American Clean and Press
American Snatch
American Swing
Arm Bar
Bell Crush Curl
Bent Arm Bar
Bent Press
Concentration Curl
Double Bent Over Row
Double Guard Squat
Figure 8
Figure 8 to catch
Gladiator Getup with press
Goblet Squat
Good Morning
Halo in Half kneeling
High Pull
Hip Clean into Pistol grip press
Hot potato twist
Inside outside Swing
Iron Cross
Jumping Swing
Lateral Swing
Lawn Mower
Outside Swing
Pistol Snatch (arm fully extended to top)
Plank with uppercut
Push Press
Renegade Row
Rolling Deck Squat
Russian Clean and Press
Russian Situp
Russian Snatch (Hard Style)
Russian Swing
Russian Twist
Side Clean
Side Clean to bent press
Skater Lunge
Squat Crusher Curl
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Swing to Flip Catch
Swing to palm
Turkish Getup
Two Hand Anyhow
Walking Swing

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