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Whether you are a client or a coach, Sand & Steel has you covered.

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Personal Training Mentorship

Build your knowledge of personal training with our mentorship program and library

Marketing Mentoring

Learn the tools to build your own brand of personal training

Guaranteed Hours

With optional marketing hours available, you can add hours when your personal training hours are low.

Employee Parking

Employee Parking for Mentee Included

$500 Sign on Bonus

Earn a $500 bonus once you make senior coach.

Choose Your Own Hours

Work on the days you want
Choose your own time blocks

Medical Insurance

Full time senior coaches and managers are eligible for medical insurance benefits

Paid Vacation

Earn up to a week’s paid vacation every year

$1000 Annual Certification Reimbursement

Be the best personal trainer you can be.

Open Gym

Practice your techniques and build your own fitness

Mentorship Highlights

For the career personal trainer, we have built an 8-stage program to teach you everything from scaling to anatomy.  With our in person, one-on-one method, you’ll be ready to coach faster than with programs like Ace or Nasm.

For Marketing. You will learn how to create video blogs, operate wordpress, optimize pages for search engine, and more.  If you want to operate your own personal training business one day, this your opportunity to partner with someone who has already done it.

Mentorship Program

In the Mentorship  program you’ll be building knowledge and technique on the business of personal training.  You’ll receiving training on skills like:

  • Training on scaling, cuing, and anatomy.
  • Access to our library of personal training books and exercise movement library.
  • Mobility training in yoga, Kit Laughlin’s method, MWOD, and Gray Cook’s FMS
  • Technical Knowledge on Olympic lifting, Power Lifting, Kettle Bell technique, Gymnastics Technique, Club Bell Technique, etc.
  • Marketing training including blogging, social media, and video editing.
  • Coaching clients with supervision. Training clients under the supervision of another coach.
  • OnRamp Training: how we coach clients at Sand & Steel

 Mentee’s get a Coursebook, Workbook, Access to our OnRamp Program, Exercise Database Access, and 40-80 hours of coaching from Paul and the Sand & Steel Staff.  Our Mentorship Program is one-on-one and will be customized for you.

The mentorship process involves Paul teaching you have read and scale workout programs.  How to correctly perform new exercises, how to cue them, and how to scale them up or down.  He’ll teach you which muscles work to perform the exercise, and how to mobilize those muscles when the movement patterns are faulty.

At Sand & Steel, we build professional personal trainers.  Personal trainers who are more qualified than 99% of the trainers at other gyms.  If you’re OK with being just a mediocre personal trainer, by all means go work for a travelling certification like Storm Fitness or big box gym like Onelife Fitness.

Sand & Steel clients demand much more from their coaches.  The truth is, if we just put you on the floor without the mentorship, you would find yourself over your head on day one.  The bar is set high here, but Paul will take you step by step into becoming a world-class coach.

The length of the Mentorship program depends on your existing knowledge and speed in which you can absorb materials.  As a Mentee, you are only an expense to the Sand & Steel, because the gym is paying another coach to train you.  It is in the gym’s best interest to prepare you as quickly as possible to pass the Level 1 Certification and the Mentorship Exam.  When you are sufficiently prepared, you’ll receive a $199 gift certificate to take the Level 1 Certification for free.   Once you pass the Certification and Exam, you’ll be promoted to a junior coach.

Sample Schedule

Your Schedule Might Look Like this:

  • Monday
    • 3:00pm-5:00PM OnRamp Introductions.  Learn how to use our coaching platform
    • 5:00pm-6:00PM Coach a client with Paul.  Get an eye-full of what it means to be a Sand & Steel Coach.
    • 6:00pm-8:00PM Principles of scaling, energy systems, scaling and mobilty.
    • 8:00pm-9:00PM Technique and Skills Practice
  • Tuesday
      • 3:00pm-4:00PM Exercise Movement Training Deadlift
      • 4:00pm-5:00PM Cuing the Deadlift.
      • 5:00pm-6:00PM Progressing and Regressing the Deadlift
      • 6:00pm-7:00PM Anatomy of the muscles involved in the Deadlift
      • 7:00pm-8:00pm Mobilizing the muscles for the Deadlift
      • 8:00pm-9:00pm Building flexibility to improve the Deadlift
  • Wednesday
    • 3:00pm-5:00PM Photographing the Deadlift, creating social media posts on the Deadlift.
    • 6:00PM-8:00PM Video editing on faults for the Deadlift
    • 8:00PM-9:00PM Creating and infographic on the Deadlift

Marketing at Sand & Steel is a straight-forward process. For example, our coaches Brennen and Marcellis were able to create these blog posts in their first week with the training we provided them.  See Brennen’s and Marcellis’s posts as examples.



As a coach you are paid for: the sessions in which you have a client on your schedule and you are the primary trainer, and marketing time from our Marketing Process Flow.  Part time and full time positions are available.  All employees are hired as at will employees.

  • Mentees/Interns: $10/hr.
  • Junior Coach: $18/hour.
  • Senior Coach:  $25/hr or staff position with benefits at $18/hr.

Open Gym:

You’ll also have complimentary Open gym access when clients aren’t training.

Flexible Hours:

You can set your own hours at Sand & Steel for the month at a time.  You are paid if you are actively working on marketing tasks or are training clients.

$500 Signon Bonus:

Coaches receive a $500 signon bonus when they are promoted to Senior Coach.  This bonus is paid over three months in addition to your Senior Coach Salary

Paid Vacation (Senior Coach and Managers):

One week paid vacation accrues annually.  You must work at least 35hrs per week to qualify.

Certification Reimbursement (Senior Coach and Managers):

Up to a $1000 back for certifications in fitness and personal training.

Medical Benefits (Staff position benefit):

Medical Insurance: you are eligible for 50% medical insurance reimbursement after 3 months.  To qualify you must coach (on average) 35 sessions per week.


If your application is approved, Paul will be providing you with up to 60 hours of mentorship time to train you to be coach at the level that Sand & Steel requires.  Paul’s personal training rate is $125/hr.  Since most coaches don’t have $7,500 to purchase this training outright, we make the following program available for qualified applicants.

  • If you have no experience or certification, you’ll need to take our Prep Course $720.  An intense one-on-one movement and technique training sessions, where Paul will coach you like you are a client focusing on building your fitness, mobility, and technique.  Eight one-hour sessions.
  • A Mentorship deposit $600 with 50% refundable when you pass the mentorship program.   The mentorship program is 60 hrs long.
  • You will receive a salary of $10/hr while you are mentee.
  • Personal Training insurance and CPR certification are required.
  • Team Comes First

    We share clients and work together to provide the highest level of training to benefit the client.

  • Who we hire

    Intelligent, organized, and motivated individuals who can demonstrate a passion for fitness and the ability to improve.

  • Supercharge your Career

    Be prepared to learn new things, the job gets more challenging every month.  We are building a company and a culture.

  • Level 1 Personal Training Certification

    7 Lessons

    Level 1 Personal Training Certification

    The Sand & Steel Level 1 Cert ... Forging the Elite Personal Trainer

    The Level 1 Personal Training Certification covers all the skills and knowledge you need to be successful at any gym.  The Certification covers:
    • Barbell Technique (Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting)
    • TRX, Exercise Tubing, Rip Training Technique
    • Kamagon, Surge, and Vipr Technique
    • KettleBell and Dumbbell Technique
    • SandBag, Sandbell, Medball Technique
    • Clubbells and Mace Technique
    • Gymnastics and Body Weight Training
    Master Mobility and Corrective Exercises
    • Full modules on the Supple Leapord and MWOD
    • Partner Mobility through the Kit Laughlin Method
    • PNF Stretching Techniques
    • Yoga Poses and Modifications
    We also cover in great detail:
    • Movement Cuing, Scaling,
    • Biomechanics and Programming, and
    • Anatomy and Corrective Exercises.
    You can take the Level 1 Certification as part of Mentorship Program (if you are applying to work at Sand & Steel) or as a stand-alone certification.
    To access this content, you must purchase OnRamp Program, or log in if you are a member.

    Preview this course - (1 preview lessons)

Typical Workday Schedule

Sand & Steel Personal Trainers

Sample Monday 6 Hour Workday: 6:00AM – 12:00PM

$18/hr starting | $25/hr after 3 months

You are booked 4 of the 6 hours, one client no shows.
You work 3 hours on marketing and 3 hours on training


You make $108 per day to start, and $150 per day after 3 months.  Parking is complimentary.

You get paid for the full 6 hours (and have the whole afternoon off)

For the week you’d make:
$540/week (starting), and $750/week (after 3 months)

Other Personal Training Studios

Sample Monday 6 Hour Workday: 6-9AM and 5-8PM

Salary $30/hr

You are booked 4 of the 6 hours, one client no shows.
You come in at 6AM for one client and then go home.  You come back at 5PM to learn your client didn’t come in, so you wait to 6:00pm.  You train your 6 and 7PM clients.
You make $90 per day and work a split shift.  Oh wait — let’s deduct $10 for parking.


For the week you’d make:
$450/week even though you technically make $30/hr

Learn on the Job

Can’t afford to get certified right now?  Earn a free certification from us by building blog posts like these coaches.  Don’t know how to create a blog post? Neither did these coaches, we will teach you so you get paid while you learn how to be a better coach.

Better Coaches
While other gyms will just throw you on the floor, we take the time to certify and mentor every single personal trainer at Sand & Steel.   Our employees are building careers in personal training.  It's more than just a second job to them.  We'll teach you how correctly perform every exercise, how to scale exercises, how to write programs, and how to be best damn coach possible.  Client results begin and end with having the best coaches on the floor as possible.  Better Coaching -- Better Results.
The Career Personal Trainer
We are the Professional Grade Personal Training Studio in Old Town.  Every single client has a binder organizing their workout program, specific modifications, fitness benchmarks, nutrition program, InBody Body Composition Scans, Mobility Progress, and client specific warm-ups. We are the hardest working, most organized training facility in the DC areas.
We Coach Clients as a Team
Especially while you are starting you'll have a senior coach helping you improve your coaching technique.  Clients book with all coaches so you'll have a chance to work with a variety of difference clients.
Iron Sharpens Iron
If you want to be the best coach you can be -- you have to coach where the best trainers are.  Make no mistake, we will push your limits as a coach.  We'll break down your mistakes, and force you to coach correctly.  It'll be tough and ego-shattering...but one thing is certain...we will make you better.