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Our library and database contains over 300 exercises from kettles bells to cook bands to bosus to barbells.  Lessons include information on technique, various scaling options, and cues to execute the technique properly. While can preview the barbell lesson, all other lessons require a user id to view the videos.  Register your account here.


Barbell Exercises

Barbells are probably the single most versatile tool. They are simply a must for strength training, and can be used to work one rep max because of the quick changes in loading that are possible. If you’d like access to other techniques such as TRX, Vipr, Mobility, etc. you must register as a user.

TRX Suspension Training Exercises

When you want to build core and shoulders, the TRX is one of the best tools on the market. Think you are too strong for Suspension Training? You haven’t trained with Paul. CrossFitters … bring it.

Sand Bag Exercises

Learn how wield the awe inspiring SandBag. We are Sand & Steel after all, and no one knows them better than us.

Glute Ham Roller GHR (Preview)

The Glute Ham Roller is a small but powerful and versatile device for working core and posterior chain. It can even work chest. Add a resistance band to scale up or scale down movements.

Rip Trainer

The Rip Trainer is amazing Cardio Training Tool plus one of the best pieces of equipment for working the transverse abdominus.

Swiss Ball

To access the video tutorials on Swiss Ball Movements, you’ll need to purchase the course.

Sandbell Exercises

Versatile and powerful the sandbell combines movements patterns from the medball, slambell, and kettle bell. Soft and fun to use the sandbell is best used in combination with plyometric movements that are otherwise unsafe with iron weights.

Clubbell Exercises

The Club is a powerful grip, shoulder, and wrist training tool. It also functions as a diagnostic tool for asymmetrical shoulder weaknesses. In addition, it make a great tool for rehabilitating shoulders, elbows, and grip.