Coaching Prep Course


The Coaching Prep Course is a one-on-one training program to help you pass our Mentorship Interview.  We’ll teach you advance stretches and mobility techniques, how to use kettle bells, TRX trainers, etc.  We’ll teach you programming for Power Lifting, and Olympic Lifting.  We’ll cover which books you should read, and how to ace our Mentorship Interview.


What Exactly do I Get?

You’ll get four 2-hour sessions on the topics that you need the most training in.  Often this includes topics like:

  • Scaling, fault identification, and cuing
  • Olympic lifting and power lifting
  • Kettle bell and clubbell training
  • Mobility and stretching
  • Corrective exercises.

How do I schedule them?

You’ll be given access to our scheduling portal.

Do the sessions expire?

Yes, you’ll two months to use all four 2-hour sessions.

Who is coaching me?

Paul and his managers will coach you on-on-one.

I am already certified by NASM, CrossFit, etc.  Do I really need this?

It depends on whether you can execute that knowledge and whether you have actually used it.  Regardless of what you already know, we’ll quickly break down where your knowledge gaps are, and train in the areas that need the most improvement.  If you are confident in your prior training, feel free to apply to our Mentorship Program directly.

I’ve been lifting for years and I’ve coached other people.  I don’t have any certifications, but I know I am doing.  Do I really need this?

There is an old saying… you don’t know, what you don’t know.  With no formal training (e.g. a certification from at least one company), the chances of you passing our mentorship entrance test are slim.  There is a good chance you may not even be offered an interview if your application isn’t as strong as your competitors.  If you want guarantee yourself a spot in our mentorship program, this is the course to take.


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