Corporate Wellness Screen


Give your employees an amazing health perk that will help them make make smarter decision about their health to improve productivity.  ZERO cost to your employees.

Includes inBody body composition scan, health consult, workout sheet based on the individual’s inBody scan, and a month of online nutrition and personal training.



Wellness and Health Screen

  • inBody body composition scan: analyzing body fat, muscle imbalances, metabolic rate, Fitness score, and chronic inflammation
  • Workout sheet based on the individual’s inBody scan
  • Full month of online nutrition and personal training by Sand & Steel
  • Great for churches, corporate wellness, sports teams, school classes, country clubs, yoga and Pilates studios.
  • Schedule it for corporate events like annual meetings, health fairs, etc.

Two ways to provide to this your employees

  • At your office as an event.
  • At Sand & Steel as a free gift certificate.

This is a Free Service to your Employees:

Either way, this is a free service to your employees.

Price Quoted Above is per hour, not per employee:

We’ve done about 2500 of these scans and generally we can handle about 30 employees / hr.  Works great when combined with a corporate lunch.

$250 Value Per Person:

When clients comes to Sand & Steel, we charge $250 for this same service.  $70 InBody, $30 programming consult, and $150 for the online nutrition and personal training.

Corporate Wellness Screening in Alexandria, Arlington, and Washington DC:

Because we are based in Old Town, Alexandria VA, we have a 5 mile limitation for this service at the sale price.  If you are further out, just email us for a price quote.

Special Pricing for Small Businesses, Non-Profits, and Education Services:

If your organization is close to Alexandria, VA, but doesn’t have the resources to pay for the Corporate Wellness Screening, we still want to help.  Email us for a coupon code and we’ll provide you with a discount.

Setup requirements:

Reliable Internet, a consultation table and chair, a display table (foldable version works fine.)


One per customer, current clients are eligible unless you are already on our online personal training or nutrition program.  Online personal training and nutrition requires a valid credit for registration.


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