Mentorship Program Deposit


Half of the deposit is refundable when you pass your Mentorship Program.  You’ll be Paid a Salary while you are taking the mentorship program.  Passing the mentorship program includes passing the Level 1 Certification (which is included in your mentorship program) and passing the OnRamp Mentorship exam.  Paul will be preparing and mentoring you pass both the certification and the exam.  It’s like have a tutor preparing you to pass the SAT’s.

You’ll have access to Mentorship Manual, Mentorship Workbook, the Onramp Program, Exercise Database, and XT60 Program to help you pass.  Plus, Paul will prepare a custom studying and prep outline for you to follow to maximize your chances of passing.


Question: What will I learn in the Mentorship Program

Check the Careers Page for more information.

Question: What are my odds of passing?

If you admitted to mentorship program, they are pretty good.  Keep in mind, Paul’s general rate for coaching $125/hr.  You are paying a deposit of $600 for 40-80hrs of his time.  If you work hard, and follow the program you will pass.

Question: Can I pay in installments?

No, we do not have that option.

Question: When is the training provided?

You can schedule the training at anytime that is convenient for you.  Weekends, mornings, afternoons, etc.  If you admitted into the mentorship program, you’ll be able to determine a schedule at that time.


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