Origin Nutrition Coaching

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Sports Nutrition Coaching Includes:

1 Hour in person meeting or teleconference with Paul to create and modify your meal plan:

  • Analyze your current eating habits to reduce belly fat
  • Help you create a detailed food journal to facilitate weight loss
  • Meal Plan: Use that journal to create you a custom meal plan,
  • Teach you how to safely change that meal plan,
  • Make updates for restaurants and travel on a diet,
  • Build you a compliance sheet so you food shop and cook effectively

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Specializing in:

  • Belly Fat Reduction, Weight Loss, Performance nutrition, Bodybuilding, EMT and Military based
  • Most of all — diets for people who have challenging jobs, children, and travel. 

Sports Nutrition Includes:

  • A review of your eating patterns and food journal
  • Individualized recommendations on what to change
  • Scientific literature behind why those changes should be made
  • We answer any and all questions you have on how to make the changes
  • We prepare a compliance chart so that you can monitor whether you staying on track
  • We provide you proprietary handouts to facilitate those changes.
  • Learn about which supplements and herbal remedies are right for you.


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