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13 Killer Kettlebell Exercises Plus 60 Kettlebell Movements

Killer Kettlebell Exercises[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Two amazing kettle bell workouts featured from our Bullet Proof Program. Plus 13 Killer Kettle Bell Moves plus a list of over 60 kettle movements/exercises broken down by single and dual configuration.

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WOD 751 – Origins II

20 minutes to complete 12 rounds of

  • 10 hip elevated pronated kettle press into turkish getup into 5 Bent Press into 10 snatches into 9 alterating swings, one snatch and follow turkish getup back down to pronated press. Client should not put down the kettle at any time

20 reps – switch arms every two reps with 30 second break between sets.

  • 2 American Kettle Bell Cleans
  • 2 Russian Kettle Bell Cleans
  • 1 Hand Anyhow with 3 curls

WOD 752 – Origins BB1

4 Rounds 8 minutes per round

  • 12 Snatch Deadlifts 135#
  • 6 Barbell Olympic Cleans 135#
  • 20 Plyometric Squats
  • 30 53# Kettle Bell Swings
  • 10 Handstand pushups or 3 Handstand walks
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60 Kettlebell Exercises1 ArmDouble
1 Leg Deadlift++
1 Leg Deadlift into Russian Step up+
1 Leg Marx Row++
Alternating Cleans+
Alternating Side Clean+
Alternating Suitcase+
Alternating Swing+
Alternating Windmill+
American Clean and Press++
American Snatch++
American Swing++
Arm Bar+
Bell Crush Curl+
Bent Arm Bar+
Bent Press+
Concentration Curl+
Double Bent Over Row+
Double Guard Squat+
Figure 8+
Figure 8 to catch+
Gladiator Getup with press+
Goblet Squat+
Good Morning+
Halo in Half kneeling+
High Pull+
Hip Clean into Pistol grip press+
Hot potato twist+
Inside outside Swing+
Iron Cross+
Jumping Swing+
Lateral Swing+
Lawn Mower+
Outside Swing+
Pistol Snatch (arm fully extended to top)+
Plank with uppercut+
Push Press++
Renegade Row+
Rolling Deck Squat+
Russian Clean and Press++
Russian Situp+
Russian Snatch (Hard Style)++
Russian Swing++
Russian Twist+
Side Clean+
Side Clean to bent press+
Skater Lunge+
Squat Crusher Curl+
Sumo Deadlift High Pull+
Swing to Flip Catch+
Swing to palm+
Turkish Getup+
Two Hand Anyhow++
Walking Swing+
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