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Barbell Snatch Demo and Drills

Snatch Drills
The Barbell Snatch
The Snatch one of two lifts in the sport of Olympic Lifting; the other is the Clean and Jerk.

The objective of the Barbell Snatch is to lift it from the ground to overhead in one swift movement.  How that happens is through a  series of fast muscle patterns. A lifter will drive the bar upward as high as they can and then pull themselves quickly underneath the bar to land in a squat position with the barbell overhead. The art of dropping under the bar quickly decreases the height the bar needs to reach; meaning the faster a lifter can drop the more weight they can lift since it does not need to go as high. Virtually every muscle in your body fires to drive the bar up and overhead. This highly skilled movement is one of the most astounding moves to watch and arguably one of the most frustrating to learn due to the complexity.


The snatch can be used in training to facilitate speed, power and precision. Powerlifters will often utilize the Power Snatch or Power Clean (catching above parallel) to train …well power.  The aggressive drive combined with balance and stabilization makes this move a weight-loss move.


Split Snatch- For some lifters they do not have the T-Spine mobility or have shoulder ROM issues that limit their pull ability under the bar. For them the Split Snatch (involving landing in a split lunge position instead of a squat) helps them safely execute the movement.

Kettlebell Snatch- To work unilateral movement use a Kettlebell.  It is a great way to build should strength and stability in the overhead position.img_size=”medium”]

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