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Tips for Succeeding as a Personal Trainer

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How to Be Financially Successful as a Personal Trainer

I’m writing this article from the perspective of an employer who has trained and hired over a hundred personal trainers.  I’ve seen people do really well and I’ve coaches completely fail.  This information applies universally, so I thought I would share it with coaches world-wide.  This is Paul’s guide to becoming the number-one coach at your gym.

A recent job applicant applied for a coaching position, and raised some concerns about how he can be financially successful at Sand & Steel.  Afterall, we have really great coaches, and he wanted to make sure he would get enough clients to support his family.  A justifiable concern to be sure.  In particular, he asked:

Paul if I start @ Sand & Steel, will you automatically assign clients to me?  I want to leave Anywhere Fitness because I don’t like having to compete with other coaches.  I told him that we don’t assign clients to new coaches.  You have to earn them, and here how ….

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Training Insurance

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By Paul Roberts

Attorney at Law and Professional Personal Trainer

If you are like most coaches I know, you have probably asked yourself — How much do I really need to pay for insurance to cover my Liability?

Individual policies run between $79/year on the low end to $250/yr for comprehensive policies there are lots of options.   Here are some of the options you should consider.  Continue reading Training Insurance