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Tips for Succeeding as a Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Bosu Lesson

How to Be Financially Successful as a Personal Trainer

I’m writing this article from the perspective of an employer who has trained and hired over a hundred personal trainers.  I’ve seen people do really well and I’ve coaches completely fail.  This information applies universally, so I thought I would share it with coaches world-wide.  This is Paul’s guide to becoming the number-one coach at your gym.

A recent job applicant applied for a coaching position, and raised some concerns about how he can be financially successful at Sand & Steel.  Afterall, we have really great coaches, and he wanted to make sure he would get enough clients to support his family.  A justifiable concern to be sure.  In particular, he asked:

Paul if I start @ Sand & Steel, will you automatically assign clients to me?  I want to leave Anywhere Fitness because I don’t like having to compete with other coaches.  I told him that we don’t assign clients to new coaches.  You have to earn them, and here how ….

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Barbell Snatch Demo and Drills

Snatch Drills
The Barbell Snatch
The Snatch one of two lifts in the sport of Olympic Lifting; the other is the Clean and Jerk.

The objective of the Barbell Snatch is to lift it from the ground to overhead in one swift movement.  How that happens is through a  series of fast muscle patterns. A lifter will drive the bar upward as high as they can and then pull themselves quickly underneath the bar to land in a squat position with the barbell overhead. The art of dropping under the bar quickly decreases the height the bar needs to reach; meaning the faster a lifter can drop the more weight they can lift since it does not need to go as high. Virtually every muscle in your body fires to drive the bar up and overhead. This highly skilled movement is one of the most astounding moves to watch and arguably one of the most frustrating to learn due to the complexity.

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