Level 1 Personal Training Certification

Level 1 Personal Training Certification
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The Sand & Steel Level 1 Cert ... Forging the Elite Personal Trainer

The Level 1 Personal Training Certification covers all the skills and knowledge you need to be successful at any gym.  The Certification covers:
  • Barbell Technique (Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting)
  • TRX, Exercise Tubing, Rip Training Technique
  • Kamagon, Surge, and Vipr Technique
  • KettleBell and Dumbbell Technique
  • SandBag, Sandbell, Medball Technique
  • Clubbells and Mace Technique
  • Gymnastics and Body Weight Training
Master Mobility and Corrective Exercises
  • Full modules on the Supple Leapord and MWOD
  • Partner Mobility through the Kit Laughlin Method
  • PNF Stretching Techniques
  • Yoga Poses and Modifications
We also cover in great detail:
  • Movement Cuing, Scaling,
  • Biomechanics and Programming, and
  • Anatomy and Corrective Exercises.
You can take the Level 1 Certification as part of Mentorship Program (if you are applying to work at Sand & Steel) or as a stand-alone certification.


Technique and Strength (Preview)

Length: 20 minutes

Technique and Strength test examines your strength and technique across Barbells, Kettlebells, TRX, and Bodyweight Movements

Movement Corrections Section

Length: 20 minutes

Observe a flawed movement pattern and identify the faults in the pattern. What cue should be used to fix the fault?

The Level 1 Certification covers 120 common faults on exercises the erg machine, kettle swing, box jump, deadlift, etc.

Movement Scaling Section

Length: 10 minutes

So your client cannot execute an air squat or pushup properly. You’ve tried cuing and it’s not working. Scaling is the practice of progressing or regressing an exercise.

The Level 1 Certification covers 200 scalings on movements from deadbugs to deadlifts.

Mobility and Flexibility Section

Length: 5 minutes

Learn Techniques like:

  • smashing and fascial release
  • gapping, flossing, and distraction
  • occlusion training
  • partner mobility
  • yoga poses and stretches

Using props like

  • Yoga Wheel
  • Battle Star
  • Super Nova
  • and more


Anatomy Section

Length: 5 minutes

We'll teach anatomy of joints, anatomical motion, muscles, bones, and nerves. You'll know which muscles move which bones, which movements can cause which injuries. Plus you'll learn how to help heal injury through corrective exercises.

BioMechanics and Programming

Length: 8 minutes

Still doing 3 sets of 10?  Wonder why you and your clients are getting the results you expect?  The BioMechanics and Programming section teaches you how pace for children, weight loss, hypertrophy, etc.  You'll learn how to sequence moves properly, how long rest periods should be, and how to select proper dynamic and static weights.

Programming Section

Length: 10 minutes

Writing a workout program from scratch.  In this section we'll have you prepare a workout that emphases chest and back, wherein the primary aspect of the workout is weight loss, and secondary aspect is conditioning. Include relevant warmup, cool down, rest. Pay attention to sequencing, transfer time. Specify weights in terms of light, medium, heavy, [...]