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Origin Nutrition eBook – Rule 1

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1   Make the Commitment

It is your level of commitment that defines your success.

For your first 60 days, it’s all or nothing. 

You have to follow this program to the letter for it to work properly.  Life is full of temptation, it’s up to you to say no to excuses for breaking your diet, for parties, birthdays, weddings, etc.  It’s your body and your life… no one really cares that you didn’t eat that fried chicken.  You are an adult and no one can force you to eat anything.  Take ownership every time you break this diet… there always was choice… You chose not to prepare or you chose to eat foods not on the program.

Create a goal for yourself.  6-8 pounds this month.

Writing down your goal, and giving yourself a definite time limit to accomplish it forces you to be accountable for your actions.  Many people start and stop diets at convenient times, but this causes you to “always” be on a diet.

Get Support from your family.
Surround yourself with people who are making positive changes.  Couples that diet together are far more likely to succeed.

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